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8 Crucial Steps to Increasing Online Sales

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Sure, having lots of traffic and a large social media following is helpful, but unless your sales page or website is converting into actual sales, does it even really matter?

Buying traffic and blasting all over social media is one thing, but at the end of the day it really comes down to quality.

When traffic finally does come to your site, do they like what they see?

Especially in the beginning when you are still building up a following, having a thoughtful and well-designed website is essential. Here are the 8 most crucial steps to getting your website sale-friendly:

1.) Remove all Conversion Barriers:

Everyone has their own idea over what will and won’t convert well, but some of the things we can all agree on is this-

  • No typo’s or incomplete product descriptions
  • Up to date images and products
  • No difficult to read fonts
  • No slow page loads
  • Avoid clutter

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How To Write a Pre-Sell Page For Native Advertising That Will Make Prospects Pull Their Wallets Out

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Chances are that you have eagerly devoured native-advertising content—many times. Maybe you realized it for what it was, or perhaps you did not. In any case, pre-sell pages are a valuable piece of this concept. If executed correctly, those pre-sell pages accomplish several goals.

First, a few words on native advertising. Basically, it is designed to conceal advertising inside valuable content that benefits readers—content that readers, or viewers, often actively have sought out. Pre-sell pages are what make native advertising shine.

A pre-sell page is the first page a viewer sees. It appears like content. In fact, it IS content—important content. Its aim is to entice readers to click on links to a more-direct sales page or a page for lead generation. Pre-sell pages serve as an inducement. You must not skimp on them because if you do not get them right, customers do not click on the sales pages anyway.

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How to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales

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One of the most popular marketing models out there is the “Power Parthenon” model created by Jay Abraham, a multi-billion dollar marketing expert. The strategy works because it is simple: Use multiple income streams to diversify and strengthen your online sales. Even though some would say this is just common sense, many online businesses still only use one channel to drive sales. They miss the benefits of having more than one channel. When you have more than one income stream activated, you benefit by getting access to new pools of potential customers, even as you buffer your business from unexpected blips and changes in any single income stream. Read More

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