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4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Small Business Marketing

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Marketing is crucial to the survival of any business, but particularly so for small businesses.

All small businesses need to have a marketing strategy but very often, small business owners struggle to keep their marketing efforts up to date.

While we recommend all small businesses hire a good marketing agency, we also understand that this may not be possible due to budget constraints.

If you have been managing your small business marketing on your own and want to make some improvements, then this article is for you.

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How to Get High Quality Traffic for Dirt Cheap

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Is it possible to get high-quality traffic for dirt cheap prices?

Many marketing companies will try to convince you that it is just not possible, however we believe with the right techniques there is a way you can dramatically slash your advertising costs when running PPC campaigns.

Learning how to slash advertising costs and lower your cost per click, without compromising on the quality of your traffic is what we strive for, and in this article we are going to share with you some of our most trusted and practiced techniques.

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Holiday Marketing Trends You Have to Use in 2016

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The holiday season is the busiest spending time for most consumers, which means that your business needs to be ready. This is especially true if you operate a B2C or an e-commerce site.

B2B’s should also not exclude themselves from this equation as there are plenty of opportunities for B2B brands to also get ahead at this time of year.

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The Top 5 PPC Campaign Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

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PPC campaigns are the bread and butter for most businesses.

While generating organic traffic and plumping up your social media are all great strategies, sometimes paid PPC campaigns are enough to send your business into overdrive.

So many brands however, have no idea what they are doing when it comes to running effective and efficient PPC campaigns.

In fact, out of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make, PPC campaigns are often number one.

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The 5 Critical Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Ads

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Are you running a B2B company?

If you want more businesses to walk through the door of your own business than perhaps you need not look any further than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a business-focused, social network geared for professionals across a wide variety of industries. According to the site, LinkedIn helps to “manage your personal identity” and assists you in “engaging with your professional network”.

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8 Ways to Rapidly Grow Your Business Online

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Last year, business analysts predicted that e-commerce would explode, and they were right.

Today, e-commerce generates over $1.2 million every 30 seconds and by 2016, it has been predicted that e-commerce sales will increase by 62%.

This means that if you are not selling your products online or seeing results from online sales, then you are definitely missing out on a huge and rapidly expanding market.

Here are 10 ways to capitalise on this trend:

1.) Targeting: Having a successful business online starts with building a presence and the only way to do that is to go after the people that want to notice you- ie. your target audience. To be recognised by your customers, you need to make yourself available to those who are most likely to notice. Those who are most likely to notice are people looking for your types of products or services or people who would benefit from your company. Identify the demographics of your target audience and then strategise your marketing accordingly.

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