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18 E-Commerce Growth Hacks

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2016 is quickly coming to an end and if you want to meet or surpass your sales goals for the year, you still have time to make an impact.

Depending on your business, the end of the year may be your busiest or slowest time. But no matter what your projections are for the rest of 2016, there are some fail-proof ways you can drive a huge wave of sales to your business.

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Your Guide to Marketing Over the Holidays (Plus Some Advice from Experts)

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Is your business ready for the holidays?

It is hard to believe that just in a few short days December will be here and consumers will be in full shopping mode.

There is always a different energy to the behaviour of consumers during the holiday period. On one hand they are more likely to spend and spend big, but on the other they are also trying to be conscious of their spending and limit their budget.

This means that in order for your business to really succeed over the holidays and turn around a hefty profit, your marketing needs to be in order with the needs, wants and desires of your customers.

The holidays will come and go quickly, so if you haven’t already, it is time to start prioritising your holiday marketing strategy. Read More

Competing With Amazon, Can It Be Done?

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Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in the world and dominates most of the marketplace.

In fact, for the last twenty years, very few e-commerce stores have been able to compete with Amazon and those that did were quickly acquired by the giant online retailer.

These companies included Zappos and Diapers, who have both stated at different times that their decision to merge with Amazon was a- “if you can’t beat them, join them” decision.

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How To Build Trust On Your E-Commerce Store

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Is your e-commerce store trustworthy?

No matter how good your products, services or price is, no customer is going to purchase from your online store if they don’t trust you.

With big e-commerce giants out there like Amazon and Google Shopping it can be hard for smaller companies to compete. This is why it is super important to evoke a feeling of trust in your customers when they visit your page and move through your checkout process.

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How Mobile Devices are Changing the Way we do Business

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Want to share an image? There is an app for that. Want to check your stocks? There is an app for that too. Want to find a dog sitter or hitch a ride? Yep, there are apps for that too.

The average person under the age of 65 is glued to their smartphone and statistics show that over 94% of owners would feel nervous or panicky without being able to access their phone for a day.

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8 Ways to Write Product Descriptions that Sell

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Does your product description simply describe what you are selling or do they offer something more?

Overlooking the product description can be a big mistake when it comes to selling your products and services. In fact, most websites fall into the trap of simply using descriptions to describe the product when really, they should be using it to sell the product instead.

If you are looking to jazz up your product descriptions, here are 8 ways to write product descriptions that sell:

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