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8 Things You Need to Know When it Comes to Picking Website Colours

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Choosing colours for your website is so much more than just aesthetics. Colours carry rich psychological triggers that can actually influence your customers purchasing decisions.

In fact, colours are so crucial when it comes to the buying decisions of your customers. One study even found that 85 percent of shoppers place colour as the primary reason for why they buy a particular product.

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How to Get High Quality Traffic for Dirt Cheap

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Is it possible to get high-quality traffic for dirt cheap prices?

Many marketing companies will try to convince you that it is just not possible, however we believe with the right techniques there is a way you can dramatically slash your advertising costs when running PPC campaigns.

Learning how to slash advertising costs and lower your cost per click, without compromising on the quality of your traffic is what we strive for, and in this article we are going to share with you some of our most trusted and practiced techniques.

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4 Mistakes You Are Making When it Comes to Customer Acquisition

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Acquiring customers is the most important step for any business. You may have the best landing pages in the world and the best products or services in the world, but if you don’t know how to get customers then it is likely your business is not going to survive in the long run.

Successful customer acquisition begins with a solid strategy, but time and time again we see businesses skim over this step sand focus all of their attention on traffic and leads.

While traffic and leads are important, if you are not turning those leads into customers, it is not really going to help your bottom line.

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The Top 5 PPC Campaign Pitfalls And How to Avoid Them

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PPC campaigns are the bread and butter for most businesses.

While generating organic traffic and plumping up your social media are all great strategies, sometimes paid PPC campaigns are enough to send your business into overdrive.

So many brands however, have no idea what they are doing when it comes to running effective and efficient PPC campaigns.

In fact, out of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make, PPC campaigns are often number one.

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10 Ways to Turn Browsing Visitors into Paying Customers

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There is a very good chance that only a small percent of customers that stumble across your landing page are actually interested in buying your products or services.

Depending on where you are getting your traffic from and the quality of your landing pages, sometimes this traffic can be close to well, 0%.

In fact, it is very rare that a customer visiting your page is going to be in “ready to buy mode.”

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15 Website Design Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Business

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You analytics may give you a good indication as to how people are reacting and responding to your site, but what about those visitors who leave as quickly as they came?

Visitors who leave your site in under a few minutes are difficult to track. Who knows what turned them off? Who knows if it was even anything to do with your website?

One way that you can determine how long people are spending on your site is to look at your bounce rate.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation Best Practices that Will Make You an Expert

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You may know how to build beautiful webpages, you may even know how to drive traffic to those pages, but do you know how to convert that traffic into something of value?

You may have a website that receives 1 million hits per second, but if those hits are not taking the journey through your sales funnel and resulting in profits for your business, your hits are not so impressive after all.

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